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  1. Unlike modern forms of communication and sending documents fax machines have an integrated system that informs the sender about the receiver receiving the documents. It also reports if there were any interruptions or errors such as lack of paper or loss of ink to both the receiver and sender. This eliminates any chance of facing any uncertainty regarding delivery.
  1. Fax has legal implications:

    Fax is the only mode of documents transfer that has strict legal bindings. Like legal documents require correct documentation. The protocol governing fax security i.e. T30 again assures non-interference by third party in the transaction, and for online faxes it also requires digital signatures to further authenticate documents.


  1. Has verifying properties:

    Besides the sender and receiver notification. Fax machines servers also have saved copies of sent and received documents which could be used for tracing or verifying.
  1. Easy to use:

    Fax machines are extremely simple to work on and can be handled by people of all age groups. Standard fax machines have a simple process of loading required document to be sent in to the machine, entering the phone number as you would normally do in a telephone and wait until you receive an acknowledgement from the machine.


  1. Worldwide Presence and Recognition:

  2. Fax machines are globally recognised and accepted at all business levels. Even places with poor internet connectivity and infrastructure, have easy access to fax machines. Above stated are just few of the many benefits or features of the fax machine. Fax machines are extensively used not only for businesses but are the trusted source of document transfer of almost all the major governments of different nations. Important security messages are only sent through fax. Ease of use combined with security and compatibility with new technologies has made fax an indispensable part of our life.